About Us

Premium Coffee Market
About Us
We have been passionate about coffee since 1998

Starting out as a small corner café with a batch roaster in the back room, we have steadily grown into one of the most recognised coffee brands in North Queensland.

Today we roast on a 35kg Loring Smart Roaster and distribute our coffee throughout Australia. 

We are dedicated to coffee and our customers. Your experience is paramount and we strive to make it better everyday.

Socially Conscionable

Learning and informing you about sustainability and social issues connected to the world’s coffee trade is of great importance to us. What we call “socially conscionable“ coffee trading adds both an interest and a consciousness, not just about the product, but also the people that are involved and the environment they live in.

  • Cooperative | Processed 

Processing, grading and marketing of the bean undertaken in a co-operative living environment

  • Hand picked

No over ripe or under ripe beans in bag, really taste driven

  • Certified Organic

No added phosphates, potassium or nitrogen

  • Bird life friendly

Bird habitat friendly

  • Family Farm

The farm in which the coffee is sourced is run by a passionate family who produce the notable taste and quality

  • Shade Grown

Slows growth process, providing enhanced flavour and sustainable agricultural practise

  • Forest Coffee

Grown under the canopy of forests, for a natural taste and sustainable future

  • Uncertified Organic

High confidence of organic but farmer cannot afford certification

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