Black Matador Pods

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Strength: 9
Layered inquisition like intensities.
Very Strong Coffee

Nespresso Compatible Pods 

The Black Matador likes a brute of a blend, he likes it to pack a pernicious wallop of caffeine and an upfront match winning kick to the palate of early and progressing dark roast notes.  Vigorous on the morning palate, it will awaken the senses and acquaint you to the harsh beauty of the morning. 

A blend of different density beans roasted to the same degree but their differing density provides a complexity and variety of dark roast flavours. A dark roast style delivering a strong winey, heavy and indelicate cup. It’s Strong coffee Black Matador style.

Family Farm  |  Forest Coffee  |  Hand Picked  |  Uncertified Organic

45 Pods (min)



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