Black Matador

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Strength: 9
Layered inquisition like intensities.

Very Strong Coffee

Flavour Notes: Winey with multiple dark edges.

The Black Matador likes a brute of a blend, he likes it to pack a pernicious wallop of caffeine and an upfront match winning kick to the palate of early and progressing dark roast notes.  Vigorous on the morning palate, it will awaken the senses and acquaint you to the harsh beauty of the morning.

A blend of different density beans roasted to the same degree but their differing density provides a complexity and variety of dark roast flavours. A dark roast style delivering a strong winey, heavy and indelicate cup. It’s Strong coffee Black Matador style.

Family Farm  |  Forest Coffee  |  Hand Picked  |  Uncertified Organic



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  • Every coffee is different. If you change blends, it is likely you will have to adjust your grinder setting to achieve the best result from your new coffee.
  • Use the maximum time setting for pre infusion to obtain a smooth full-bodied espresso.
  • Use a 20g or 22g basket for the best results.
  • Level out the coffee in your filter basket before tamping, making sure the coffee is distributed very evenly to prevent channelling.
  • A naked filter basket assists in identifying channelling.
  • Your coffee tamper needs to be a snug fit into your filter basket.
  • Espresso should pour slowly, like honey. Starting as a drip and turning into a fine pour.
  • Change to a finer grind setting if the shot runs too quickly
  • Change to a coarser grind setting if the shot runs too slowly
  • Always use heated cups to preserve the temperature and quality of the espresso
  • Use the largest filter basket available to get the best results from your machine
  • Goal the coffee to start dripping from the spout between 5 and 10 seconds.
  • To start pouring from the spout between 15 and 20 seconds.
  • As coffee pours it will change from a rich brown colour to a pale blonde colour before finishing.
  • If the colour is paling too early before 20 seconds an under extracted sour tasting coffee will be produced. Grind finer is the first solution.
  • A 6 to 8 oz pour, depending on your choice of strength, goal 30 to 35 seconds and produce 40ml (27g weight) of espresso. For a 12oz cup goal 60ml (37g weight). This volume and weight is the maximum extraction amount. Flavours are washed after this time and volume.
  • If using less than 22g of coffee aim for a slightly shorter shot time and produce a little less espresso.


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