Reserve Collection Trial Pack 350g

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Reserve Collection Trial Pack Net 3 x 350g

All trial packs arrive in one of our Dominion Gift Boxes. 

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West Harrar


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Improved green bean quality and sustainable farming practices are originating from a new class of educated and entrepreneurial coffee farmers at every origin. 

Farmers and roasters are trying to respond to the specialist segment of the market, they are building physical and intellectual infrastructure and adopting improved methods of processing that are less damaging to the environment.  

The farmer in turn is connected with specialist and experienced green bean importers and roasters, who in turn are connected with an engaged and growing customer base of end users.  This supply chain is providing increased coffee variety, transparency and traceability. Inevitably, the cost of this quality green bean coffee is higher and such coffees are lighter roasted to highlight the flavours that the farmer, environment and plant has generated.  A lighter roast delivers an espresso with more flavour nuance, reduced body and greater acidity.

Our range of Reserve coffees is a window of opportunity to experience this range of coffees.

  • Weighing your coffee produces the best results. 

  • Grinding your coffee immediately before use if possible.

  • Grind size makes a difference, goal a 4 minute extraction to commence with.

  • Water quality makes a difference, tap water is treated for health outcomes not quality. Use the best water quality you can obtain for the best tasting 

  • Avoid using hot plates to maintain temperature because the coffee stews and spoils.

  • Heat your Carafe before use and rinse your paper filter with boiling water to remove the “papery” taste.

  • Invest in a good brewer, the Breville Precision Brewer and the Moccamaster are our favourites.


    • Place the paper filter in the brew basket.

    • For 6 cups add 45g of coffee ground for filter and tap to even out the grounds then place into your machine.

    • Add 750mL of cold water to the water reservoir to fill to the 6 cup marker.

    • Place carafe (coffee pot) under the brew basket and turn on and start your brew.

    • Wait several minutes for brew to finish dripping.

    • Serve immediately after for best results.

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