Venezia Primo Cup 180ml

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For those in need of a holiday in Venice

Venezia Primo Series Cup and Saucer 180ml

They say we should not be idle. But lounging around St Mark’s Square, right now, with a coffee in hand and being idle would be quite marvelous. Evidently, today, this will not be eventuating. Responsibilities and commitments prevail.

Your closest and most immediate, next best coffee bucket destination is with the Venezia Primo coffee cup. Surprisingly, each and every morning that you touch its handle, it magically and instantly wings you to Venice. With its stunning good looks and magical qualities this cup is sensational.


Colour: Venetian Blue and Holiday Orange on White

Design: Venezia Primo Cup with Lion of St Mark inside inner rim and Dominion logo and flying flame in saucer




The ideal coffee cup should be gifted with an ability to enhance.  It should be a companion to your existence, like a furry friend or morning sunrise. It should certainly greet you each morning.  And it should make you feel at home.  It should also be pleasing to the eye and should create desire.

On consideration, the average coffee cup fails on all these ideals.  That’s why you find them on the table or in the sink unwashed and unloved.  On further consideration, would you generally just leave something lying around, like that, after you have engaged with them in such vigorous lip to lip contact with. It’s a sign of inappropriate behavior and an inappropriate relationship.

In a good coffee cup relationship the ability to enhance is immediately achieved when lips meet, when the rim of the coffee cup touches your lips, it should magically amplifies your senses. It should soften your mood. It should be nice to touch. It should simply have the right weight, the right thickness and the right feel. That certain glossy polished feel is pleasant.

This is Italian coffee porcelain manufacturing, the best designs and materials to surround your coffee with and rim architecture to enhance your senses with. It’s about making your coffee sexy by dressing it up in a sexy cup. Italians have passion behind their purpose. Finding the right coffee cup is to be recommended.

Evidently, there are scientific contemplations to coffee cup design.  Like different wine glasses have different shapes to enhance the flavor and age of different wines. Such a list would include:

  1. Tilt angle: the effect of the vessel’s shape on the aroma, through tilt angle
  2. Liquid surface area: The effect of the vessel’s shape on the perceived flavour, through liquid surface area and heat retention
  3. The effect of size on aroma, through the diffusion of aromatic particles and headspace
  4. The effect of the material used on the temperature stability, comfort, and durability But sense engagement should be the necessary priority.


Contemplate your cup size to match your shot size to milk ratio in order that you achieve your ideal balance in a flat white.  Italian porcelain is matched to a shorter and stronger cup profile rather than generic mugs that proffer an insipid latte.

The enjoyment of your coffee is enhanced with a personalized preparation and an immediate match to balance and strength. We suggest weighing water in a cup at home before purchasing, so you target perfection.

A 160mm to 200mm cup we chose for a 27g weight and a 40ml volume shot, including average crema for a good flat white.
We goal a 35 second (+/- 5 second) extraction time.

The difference between 160mm to 200mm cup sizes is distinct and is preferenced.

A 260mm to 320mm cup we chose for a double shot of 37g weight and a 55ml volume shot, in around 50 seconds but it is equally and frequently chosen by the single shot lover. Filter and plunger coffee drinkers should choose one of these cup sizes for practicality of volume.

The curved rims of the Strong Coffee Cups are engagingly pronounced but one either loves them or despises them. 

If you intuitively recede, follow that intuition.

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