Davinci Chocolate Sauce 2l

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Enjoy the rich flavour of our popular Chocolate Sauce when you add it to your decadent dessert and drink creations.
This creamy sauce from DaVinci Gourmet features deep chocolate flavour. Our easy-to-use chocolate sauce contains a blend of natural and Dutch cocoas for deep chocolate flavour balanced with sugar and high-quality ingredients for smooth results. Across the globe, professional baristas trust DaVinci Gourmet products like this delicious chocolate sauce to help them create beverages and desserts that delight their discerning customers. Try our rich-tasting Classic Chocolate Sauce in a wide range of beverage and culinary applications. Add to coffee, mochas, frappes or hot cocoa for a delicious chocolate flavour.
Or drizzle our sauce over whipped cream atop beverages for a ribbon of chocolate decadence. Pour over ice cream, or add to milkshakes to enhance their flavour.