• Weighing your coffee and finding a time, invariably between 4-6 minutes, that fixates your pallet is your goal. 

  • There is a difference in the body and flavour of the coffee between these time intervals and the endeavour of finding a target is worthwhile. Don’t be bad and lazy!

  • Grinding your coffee immediately before use is best.

  • Water quality makes a difference. Tap water is treated for health outcomes not taste. Use the best water quality within your reach for the best tasting coffee. 

  • Heat your plunger with hot water before use.

  • Pour freshly boiled water onto your bed of coffee and fill the plunger to your set point.

  • Stir the grinds and water after pouring the water to entice infusion.

  • Let the coffee brew for 4-6 minutes. 

  • Insert the plunger, push down and pour.

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