Solanos Syrup Packs

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Solano's Syrups was originally established in Townsville in 2008 by a well-known, local coffee supplier of old faithful flavours. In early 2020 the business was taken over by Darren Goltl, who has perfected the consistency and quality taste we have come to expect, as well as quickly growing the Solano's name into the successful company it is today. With over 50 flavours available in both Coffee and Cocktail Syrups, and with our range always expanding it is easy to see why Solano’s Syrups are Australia’s leading coffee and cocktail syrup suppliers. Our quality syrups are made locally in Townsville, and with our syrup production down to a fine art, you know each bottle will contain consistent, delicious, and high-quality product that we back 100% as the best in Australia.