Venezia Primo Cup Set 180ml

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For those in need of a holiday in Venice
Venezia Primo Series Cup and Saucer Set 180ml
They say we should not be idle. But lounging around St Mark’s Square, right now, with a coffee in hand and being idle would be quite marvelous. Evidently, today, this will not be eventuating.
Responsibilities and commitments prevail.
Your closest and most immediate, next best coffee bucket destination is with the Venezia Primo coffee cup.
Surprisingly, each and every morning that you touch its handle, it magically and instantly wings you to Venice. With its stunning good looks and magical qualities this cup is sensational.
Colour: Venetian Blue and Holiday orange on white
Design: Venezia Primo Cup with Lion of St Mark in inner rim, Dominion logo and flying flame in saucer